Interview with Dr. Stefano Bacconi

Interview with Dr. Stefano Bacconi

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Interview with dr. Stefano Bacconi, specialist in orthodontics


Why do you think it is important to use TOP for your orthodontic treatments?

The development of pre-adjusted brackets, the improvement of construction technologies and the reliability of Straight wire for a predictability of the optimal aesthetic and functional result, require an increased diagnostic accuracy and a reliable method for positioning the high-quality brackets. level. Furthermore, the ability to view the final result and to intervene with hypercorrections and individualizations of the tip, torque and in-out values, makes the finalization and detailing phase extremely simple and predictable. Also, the reduction in positioning times and equipment should not be overlooked, with their advantages relating to patient comfort and the managerial aspect of the profession.

Does the virtual set up represent a guarantee of results?

Obviously not.
The final result depends on the positioning of the brackets, but first of all on the treatment phases that the clinician carries out during the therapy.

Can the set-up be reviewed before accepting the realization of the orthodontic treatment?

Of course, in the dentist’s Smiletech platform there is a 3D viewer which has the purpose of examining the final alignment before acceptance.
There are also a series of tools to thoroughly analyze the positioning of the brackets.

Can the intraoral scanner be used for impressions registration?


Is the treatment plan drawn up by TOP?

No, the treatment plan is the exclusive competence of the clinician, who will establish the treatment objectives as in any other orthodontic treatment, however, it will be possible to use the diagnostic information obtained from the digitalized analysis of the models carried out by TOP and to be able to request sending of the optional cephalometric trace.

In addition, a consulting service will be available from an orthodontic specialist, who will be able to give support during the diagnostic and planning process for the treatment plan and for the orthognathic surgery.


Can any type of brackets be used?

The library of available brackets is extremely large and constantly updated, anyway before sending the case it is advisable to consult the digital library on the website.

Can TOP also be used for the lingual technique?

Yes, it is possible to ask for a lingual treatment plan.

If you want to use a mixed technique of invisible orthodontics and multibrackets orthodontics, how does it behave?

Top together with Smiletech, can offer a unique set up that provides the development of clear aligners on one arch and indirect bonding with a fixed technique on the other.

Is it possible to send my own brackets for the programming and implementation of indirect bonding?

Yes if present in the TOP virtual library. Alternatively, the brackets are supplied by TOP.

Are the arches supplied by TOP?

Yes, it is possible to select the type of arches desired in the prescription form.

If at the end of the treatment you need to perfect the alignment or to obtain hypercorrections, how does it behave?

I can request an indirect rebracketing of the interested tooth, i just need to send an impression without removing the brackets or alternatively I can order a finishing set choosing from Less, Plus and Premium.
The sets includes a series of finishing aligners and a Resistance (ultra-resistant thermoformed) retainer.

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