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RESISTANCE - Retainer - Smiletech

The polyurethane, from tests carried out in the laboratory, appears to have a great resistance to breaking compared to the PETG, commonly used in our sector. The thickness is minimized to increase patient comfort.
The polymeric structure has been specially designed for the realization of dental retainers. The table shows the comparison with other materials on the market.


Digitized dental impressions

Each dental impression, necessary for the realization of the RESISTANCE retainers, is digitized and archived for 24 months.
During this time, it will be possible to request a copy of the retainer, allowing you to:

• Reduce production times
• Avoid taking a new impression
• Correct any small relapses, thanks to the elastic action of the retainer which will turn from passive to active

Finishing + Retention

Why become a Provider - Smiletech
Optimize time for finishing in fixed orthodontics.
After the debonding, send us the impressions: we will take care of perfecting the alignment and creating the retainer.
After 5 working days we will send you a set of aligners (as needed) and the containment, at an advantageous price.

“Less” Finishing Option
1 finishing aligner + 1 retention

“Plus” Finishing Option
2 finishing aligners +1 retention

“Premium” Finishing Option
3 finishing aligners + 1 retention

Designed in Cad and made of titanium

Designed with CAD and made of Titanium, using laser melting technology, the retainer provided by Smiletech offers multiple advantages:


  • ELASTICITY: Reduced detachment risk
  • ANCHORAGE: Retentive holes for the composite
  • ANALLERGIC: Nickel-free material
  • SIMPLICITY: Template for an easy application

Waiting for finishing and restraints… 
Worried about the risk of relapses?

Discover our system to prevent them.

Here is the step-by-step procedure:

  1. Send the start and end treatment 3D scans, without debonding *
  2. A dedicated software will remove the brackets and tubes
  3. Wait for our products to arrive **
  4. Proceed to Debonding and deliver the product to the patient


* Not recommended for bands
** Supplement of 20 euros per arch

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