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Alessandra, 35 years old, sales agent

My name is Alessandra, 35 years old, sales agent and I live in Florence.
I have long wanted to align my teeth, but work requires me to travel and often stay out even for 2 months, so I cannot make commitments that bind to weekly or monthly appointments.
I frequently eat outside the home and do not have the opportunity to do proper oral hygiene, which is fundamental for those who wear the fixed appliance. My dentist has known my problem for some time, some time ago he made me aware of this technique that does not require frequent appointments. I decided to start the treatment and I felt good immediately. The masks are invisible, comfortable but above all hygienic because they can be removed for eating. For work reasons I moved to Milan for a few months and the aligners brought me directly to the hotel. Fantastic! I have been out for about a year and I only wear the restraint aligner a few nights a week. I am truly grateful to my dentist for introducing me to Smiletech.

Andrea, 41 years old, stewart

I work at the airport as a stewart at check in.
Working every day in contact with the public, I would never have accepted to have unsightly appliances applied. I was resigned to having forever crooked teeth, until, surfing the internet, I learned about the Smiletech technique.
In the licensed dentists section I found a practice near the place where I work.
I made an appointment, they took my impressions and after a few days they told me that I could align my teeth with the transparent masks. I started with invisible masks for 6 months and I am very happy with Smiletech and I challenge anyone to notice that I am wearing an orthodontic appliance

Roberta, 23 years old, assistant in a dental office

My name is Roberta, I am 23 years old, I live in Rome and work as an assistant in a dental office.
My situation was critical, to straighten my front teeth it was necessary to extract one and apply a fixed appliance for two years.
My great passion is dance and I often perform in theater in front of the public.
For three years I had not been able to make a decision because of the aesthetic difficulties and my situation was getting worse.
Then one day in the studio an information brochure arrived and we learned about the Smiletech invisible alignment technique.
My dentist took impressions and we sent them to Smiletech for a suitability assessment. We were told that the upper teeth could be straightened with masks. For more complex movements of the lower teeth, linked to the extractions, they advised us to start with the fixed appliance and after six months remove it to continue with Smiletech. The fixed device only on the lower teeth is very little noticeable, so free from aesthetic hesitation I decided to start. I had a great time and it took even less than the expected time

Fabio, 23 years old, university student

My great passion is sport. I practice rugby and train five days a week. For some years, my dentist has advised me to apply a traditional type of tooth alignment device with platelets on all teeth.
I have always been against the fixed device, partly for aesthetic reasons, but above all for fear that during rugby matches, a contact with the face could have caused injuries to my cheeks or lips. Then I heard about the transparent aligners from a teammate of mine who was already using them. I talked about it with my dentist and by mutual agreement we had smiletech evaluate my case. After a few days we received a positive response. We took the impression to build the aligners, and after ten days I started. I could bring the aligners even during training and, even, Smiletech provided me with an individualized mouthguard that did not interfere with the transparent apparatus.
Now that I’m done, I can say I’m very satisfied

Roberto, 52 years old, employee

I am an employee in a post office and for years I have neglected the hygiene of my teeth and for some years I have been suffering from periodontitis which has led to the retreat of the gums and the formation of spaces between the front teeth. When I noticed it, I ran to the shelters and my dentist underwent me with deep cleaning sessions that blocked the evolution of periodontitis, but the problem of tooth migration remained.
I could put on a fixed orthodontic appliance but I would have had great difficulties keeping my teeth clean with the risk of reactivating periodontitis.
Then I heard about the transparent aligners from a colleague.
I went to the smiletech website and looked for a licensed dentist near the post office where I work.
I made an appointment, and after receiving a positive response from Smiletech I started the treatment and was able to take care of the hygiene of my teeth at the same time. In just 8 months, I put my teeth back in place and my hygienist says that I have also improved the level of hygiene. I’m really happy.