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3D technology

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Smiletech has decided to adopt 3D technology.

Once the dental impressions are cast, they pass through an innovative scanner that digitizes the image acquiring the shape in three dimensions.

Qualified orthodontic technicians, with the help of specific 3D software by carrying out the indications of the orthodontist, elaborate the image of the dental arch, transforming, according to sequential steps, the initial malocclusion in the final situation with straight teeth.

Each step of the sequence corresponds to a virtual 3D image that is reproduced with the latest generation stereo lithographic printers which transform the digital image into a real physical model, ready for the creation of transparent polyethylene aligners.

The contribution of computer assisted 3D technology in the management of the Smiletech technique has made it possible to:
– Calibrate with extreme precision the extent of the orthodontic displacement in order to dose the forces expressed, reducing the risk of pain for the patient and the probability of reabsorption of the roots
– Solve more complex cases thanks to greater control of tooth displacement.
– Increase precision by allowing you to build multiple aligners for each dental impression and consequently reduce the frequency of check-ups.
– Play a sequence aligner in case of loss.