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For how many hours a day do I have to wear a mask?

At least 22 hours, you will only have to take it off to eat and brush your teeth. This is a great advantage of convenience.

How often should I replace the mask?

Each mask must be worn for 14 days and then replaced with the next one. Wearing the mask for a longer or shorter period may compromise the effectiveness of the treatment.

How long does the treatment last?

The time span changes according to the complexity of the case. Most cases can be resolved between 3 and 16 months.

At what age can I start?

Generally you can start the treatment towards the late adolescence, a period in which the growth is in the end phase. The important thing is that the exchange of the milk teeth has ended (permanent dentition).

Can I remove the mask to eat, drink coffee or brush my teeth?

Yes, it is essential to do so, with the mask you can only drink water.

How many hours a day should I wear the mask?

Masks should be worn at least 22 hours a day.

Is it painful?

No, when you start the treatment you will perceive a “push” that could give you a slight annoyance, when you replace the previous mask with the new one the first 2/3 days you can have a slight dental sensitivity.

Does the mask lose transparency as the days go by?

No, but you will have to wash it daily and avoid drinking coloring drinks such as tea or coffee while you wear it. However, every 10/14 days it will have to be replaced with a completely new one.

Will I have difficulty speaking?

No, the reduced thickness of the aligners does not alter the pronunciation. You may experience slight discomfort that you will get used to in a couple of days at most.

Are the masks delivered all together?

No, but in variable numbers depending on the case.

Will I have to take multiple fingerprints?

Yes, to increase the precision of the treatment and reduce the time. This is the feature that distinguishes us from similar techniques which, for commercial reasons of distance, work on a single footprint.

I have a fixed device, can I have it removed and continue with SMILETECH?

Generally yes, but only if your orthodontist considers it appropriate.

What should I do if I lose a mask?

Nothing serious! You must reapply the previous one and notify your dentist, after 2/3 days you will receive a copy.

I have a fixed prosthesis can I apply SMILETECH?

As they are prosthetic teeth, if they are single crowns (capsules) they behave like natural teeth. On the other hand, if they are bridges, they may not be moved orthodontically.

Is the material that makes up the masks harmful?

No is a polyethylene with high biocompatibility criteria, authorized by the Ministry of Health.

Can SMILETECH solve any type of orthodontic problem?

No, not all cases are treatable with this technique. It is necessary for your orthodontist to carry out an evaluation and send your case to SMILETECH for a feasibility assessment.

After the treatment, will I have to use a restraint device?

Yes, like all orthodontic treatments, at the end you will have to apply an appliance that consolidates the result obtained and counteracts the tendency of the teeth to return to the previous position. The type of appliance and the time frame in which it will be used are variable in relation to the case and at the discretion of the treating orthodontist.

Where should I go for a SMILETECH quote?

1. Check in the qualified dentists section if there is someone in your area or send an email to SMILETECH indicating your zip code
2. Talk to us about your dentist