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I have to pay advance?

No, each step of aligners is delivered with the relative invoice, payment in 30 days.

The estimated cost will be divided by the number of necessary steps for example:

Smiletech treatment: 24 aligners.

First step of 8 aligners, 1/3 of the total cost and payment in 30 days.
After about 4 months from the start, the second step of 8 aligners, 1/3 of the total cost and payment in 30 days.

After about 8 months from the beginning of the last step of 8 aligners, 1/3 of the total cost and payment in 30 days.

Can I take alginate impressions for the assessment of suitability and estimate?

Yes, alternatively also plaster models.

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Do I have to take precision impressions to start a Smiletech treatment?

Yes, in putty and light double phase polyvinyl siloxane, single phase polyether or stl file.

The impression must be clearly legible even in the area of ??the last molars present in the arch.

Do I need a quote for a single arch should I take both impressions?


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Check the aligner at each replacement: if the discrepancy between the mask and teeth is minimal and reduces to zero after two weeks this is an indication of good collaboration.

I inserted the first aligner but it remains raised by the teeth

Remove the attachments and repeat the fixing maneuvers having the foresight to press good template on teeth during light curing.

What happens if I don't follow stripping maneuvers perfectly?

The aligners progressively te will not fit perfectly on the teeth.

The aligner does not stick on the teeth I noticed that the problem tends to increase with each replacement of the aligner

Make sure that the patient works for at least 22 hours a day, let three days pass if the problem persists, contact the laboratory.

Check that the stripping maneuvers have been carried out correctly.

I received the Smiletch box but all the aligners are not present inside

The Smiletech system, unlike other techniques that use sequential aligners transparent, applies a total control procedure creating a maximum of 8 to 12 aligners with one impression, in order to pursue short-medium term objectives and thus guarantee a perfect adaptation between the mask and the teeth of the patient, a fundamental prerequisite for the correct action of the mask .

I have finished the aligners related to the first step, do I have to remodel the prints?

Evaluate the fidelity of the mask on the teeth:
Adequate loyalty is an indication of synchrony between what has been programmed in virtual and what has been achieved in real. Contact the laboratory to order new aligners without taking additional impressions.

A poor fidelity between the aligner and the dental surface is an indication of an inadequate orthodontic movement. Take new impressions to continue the treatment.

Evaluate the fidelity of the mask on the teeth.


A aligner broke what should I do?

Try to insert the next aligner if it does not adhere adequately let the patient wear the previous one and contact the laboratory to order the replica of the broken one.

The patient cannot remove the aligner just applied on the teeth?

For the removal lift the aligner by applying force in the area of ??the seventh lingual side.

The patient continues to struggle to remove the aligner from his teeth while having familiarized himself

Gradually file the spherical attachments on the premolars that perform the anchoring function.

I can take advantage of the last aligner c ome as a restraint device?

The restraint template is made of stiffer and thicker materials.

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If you consider that the degree of recidivism is mild, contact the laboratory to request a copy, all our contents are saved in a digital archive for at least 18 months. [/Vc_column_text]
I have finished the aligners but the alignment is not yet complete
Go to the Smiletech finishing phase.

For more information see the page “Treatment in phases” section “ Finishing phase “. [/Vc_column_text]

I have finished the aligners foreseen for an arch while on the opposing arch I have to continue with the treatment, how should I behave?
If the arch is perfectly aligned go to the restraint phase.
If the alignment is not satisfactory, wait for the end of the masks supplied on the opposing arch and take both impressions to finish one and continue the other. [/Vc_column_text]
An attachment came off during the treatment I tried to recreate it but the template no longer fits on the teeth.
[Vc_column_text] Reduce the size of the template with a scalpel by removing the portion that extends on the teeth adjacent to the affected tooth. [ / vc_column_text]