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To have perfectly aligned teeth we have been used to wearing unsightly fixed appliances.
SMILETECH® is the simplest aesthetic system for aligning your teeth.
A series of invisible masks applied and replaced every 14 days will progressively bring the teeth to the desired position.
The aligners must be worn all day except during meals and for oral hygiene.

The duration of invisible orthodontics treatment is equal to that with traditional techniques.

Being removable, the masks offer the advantage of removing them during meals and of being able to carry out correct oral hygiene. The reduced thickness of the devices does not create alterations in pronunciation.

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The Smiletech system, unlike other techniques that use transparent sequential aligners, applies a total control procedure.
In the other techniques that make use of invisible aligners, the latter are made for the entire treatment starting from the initial impression only. Instead, in the Smiletech method, at least 10 aligners with a footprint are made. This allows to pursue short-medium term objectives and thus to guarantee a perfect fit between the mask and the dentition of the patient.
This adaptation is the fundamental prerequisite for the correct action of the mask.
This peculiarity of Smiletech treatment makes it much more similar to the programming that orthodontists are customary to do in planning a fixed orthodontic treatment. This thus eliminates the difficulty of planning the entire treatment from the beginning.


The expert replies is the online consultancy service for all users interested in the SMILETECH technique.

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In adults, bone growth has made the dentition definitive. It is however possible to act on the erroneous dental movements. In particular on the multiple and more frequent types of malocclusion. In these cases the upper arch does not manage to align perfectly with the lower arch. But thanks to a simple appliance it is possible to solve all these disharmonies and earn both a perfect smile and correct oral hygiene.

In fact, by aligning the teeth, it will be easier to clean them effectively every day going to reduce the usual dental problems. Problems such as caries and periodontal diseases. It also reduces the possibility that teeth, gums and dental arches are subjected to constant stress, as pointed out by many dentists.

The advantages of smiletech
The advantages of the invisible appliance are manifold, especially from an aesthetic point of view. It also eliminates the psychological and social obstacles of having to bring a device into adulthood. The most popular solution for adults is in fact the use of the invisible device. A mask made to measure for each patient that is regularly replaced based on progress and that can be removed independently.

One of its greatest benefits is the made-to-measure construction which makes use much more comfortable.
Its reduced thickness in fact eliminates the hassles due to the use of bows and attacks as it does in normal appliances. Another advantage is the maintenance of correct oral hygiene thanks to the possibility of removing the mask during meals. This reduces the risk of food residues getting stuck in the appliance. It is also possible to predict the actual duration of the treatment and the number of aligners needed thanks to a virtual planning carried out using 3D images.

Points of attention
However, there are some factors that should not be underestimated:

It will be up to the dentist to evaluate the various options available if the invisible appliance is the best tool to achieve the goal we want.

The invisible device is not suitable for all problems. For the more serious ones it will certainly be necessary to intervene using other methods.

The appliance must be worn for at least 18-22 hours a day. It should only be removed during meals and to brush your teeth so that the treatment goals are achievable.